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ConAgro, a purely Cypriot company, has established partnerships with historical and large multinational groups and has entered a new dynamic era with the aim of effectively responding to the requirements of its customers, suppliers and all partners. 

ConAgro singles out the A in its logo to define the No.A priority it shows to its customers and long-term partners and suppliers. 

ConAgro, firmly by your side since 1986, with its experience, dedication and passion, offers you, as the official representative of leading European companies, everything you need in construction, agricultural and specialized machinery, to take your business to the next level. 

Armed with many years of experience, dedication to after sales service and the recognized ethos of its human resources, it offers you: 
• Reliable products of top quality 
• Complete services, advanced applications and solutions 
• High levels of support and extremely competitive prices

Petros Rouvas