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``Do not have to choose between productivity and safety``

ASCOREL’s adventure began in 1988.  ASCOREL began its life doing design work, and then passed on to developing, promoting and finally commercializing its products. It succeeded in showing that it possessed real know-how in terms of electronic on-board systems.  

Located in the Rhône Alpes region, in the town of Pont-Évêque (France), this SME employs 70 people with a high degree of qualification ranging from technicians to engineers.
ASCOREL ensures to its customers quality and local service, thanks to an extensive network of technicians

ASCOREL systems guarantee the safety and productivity gain of your operations in fields such as anti-collision, transports and weighing in quarries: they are designed for improving control and safety in public works, mining, and quarrying equipment as well as in fire-fighting.

ASCOREL has succeeded in staying on the cutting edge of technology due to its efficiency and the constant development of its Research & Development department.